Paper Magnolia Wreath - Bloxom Blooms - Home Decor

Simply Magnolias


About ten o’clock or so the other night, I was inspired to make a magnolia wreath. Sometimes when the urge to create takes over, you just gotta give in and go make something. I knew it was going to be a big project, because each leaf not only needs to be hand-cut, but the paper has to be manipulated in order to get a “real” look; otherwise, it just looks like cut cardstock.

Lucky for me, I drank a large cup of coffee late in the afternoon, so I had enough caffeine to fuel this creative project.

Now, I’m no Joanna Gaines. She’s got the magic touch when it comes to rustic-southern-Magnolia Farms charm, but I absolutely love how she can take something as simple as a wreath and make it look unbelievably chic.

Paper Magnolia Wreath - Bloxom Blooms - Home Decor

I’m calling this wreath Margaret. She is made from 100% paper and rests on a 16 inch wire wreath frame. She’s simple and unfussy, but makes a big statement.

I know many magnolia wreaths feature only leaves, but I wanted to add some flowers to mine.

I spent some time checking out how people use magnolia wreaths in their home, and these are my three favorite ways.

Magnolia Wreath on DIY Chalkboard

Photo Credit: Blooming Nest

Magnolia Wreath - Bedroom Decor

Photo Credit: Liz Marie Blog

Magnolia Wreath Christmas Decor

Photo Credit: The Everyday Home

Aside from hanging a wreath on your front door, have you used wreaths in any other areas of your home?

I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for an old wooden window. I’d love to use it somewhere in my home and hang a wreath on it.

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