New $10 Bouquets


Spread hope.

Love without condition.

Be kind.

Go for a walk.

Hug your kids.

Say ‘Thank you’.

Promote peace.

Be authentically you.

Give flowers.

Here at Bloxom Blooms, we want to help you make every day pretty, so we’ve added $10 bouquets to our shop. Buy one for yourself and surprise a friend with another!


Bouquet of Yellow Tuplips and Purple Hyacinth - Paper Flowers



The Adalia is made up of three yellow tulips and one purple hyacinth.  Adalia is fresh and clean, full of sunshine.



Red and blue Paper flower bouquet - Americas


Blue Carnation - Paper Flower Bouquet

The Americas is made up of two red tulips, one bright blue carnation, and one stem of leafy green. Americas loves her colors. She is the perfect bouquet for summer.


Calypso Bouquet - Red Poppy and Fern Leaves IMG_1755


The Calypso is consists of three bright fern stems and one large poppy. Calypso is a vibrant and cheery bouquet, with just a little bit of a wild side.


Darcy Bouquet - The Southern Charmer - two magnolias and a hand-dyed wild yellow rose

Darcy Bouquet - Magnolias and Yellow Wild Rose IMG_1773

Darcy is a Southern Charmer. Lovely and bit reserved, the Darcy bouquet consists of two delicate magnolias, one hand-dyed yellow wild rose, and a stem of summer green.


Each bouquet is lovely in her own way. I have multiples of each, so if you’d like one, name it and claim it in the comments, and I will send you an invoice via email.  Each bouquet is only $10 + $7.95 shipping. All bouquets ship USPS Priority, to ensure safe travels. Bouquets ship within three days of payment via PayPal. Unfortunately, I currently only ship within the U.S. Exceptions can be made; however, shipping costs will be high.

Feel free ask questions or make requests for special orders. I look forward to hearing from you!

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