Snow Princess - Paper Flower Crown

Snow Princess

Creative projects don’t always go the way I expect, but sometimes, my disasters can turn into something better than I first imagined.

Snow Princess - Paper Flower Crown

I made a bouquet’s worth of ruby-red flowers, hoping to put them on a wreath form. After spending an entire afternoon making these flowers and greenery, I finally finished my wreath.

It looked terrible.

The scale was all wrong.  The flowers were too large for the size of the wreath.

Snow Princess - Paper flowers on crown


I’m not always good at taking my failures and turning them into something beautiful. I’m stubborn enough to have a one-track mind, so going with the flow doesn’t always work out for me; however, I believe real success is learning to live and thrive in my circumstances, even in failure.

Paper Flower Crown - Red and Green - Snow Princess

Snow Princess - Red and green paper flower crown

I sat at my work table and deconstructed my ugly wreath.  I really liked the flowers and couldn’t bring myself to throw them in the trash.

Now, I’m so glad I didn’t give up on them!

Snow princess - Paper Flower Crown


I love that we live in a world where our mistakes can be redeemed.  The ugly made beautiful. Our failure turned into success.

I’m so thankful for second chances, in big things and in the very small things.

Snow Princess - Paper Flower Crown

Snow Princess - Hand-made Paper Flower Crown

I’m glad the wreath didn’t work out; otherwise, my daughter and I would never have had this fun photo shoot in the snow.


Snow Princess - Paper Flower Crown

Don’t ever give up on creativity. Sometimes your projects will work, and sometimes they won’t. Some days you will know success, and other days will seem like a total failure. It’s all part of the process. Beauty often comes from brokenness.

Where is your creativity taking you?

I’d love to hear your story of failure turning to success. Please share in the comments!

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